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Lesson 2 - The Best Accountant

The Story

An accountant answered an advertisement for a job with a large firm. At the end of the interview the chairman said, "One last question-- what is three times seven?" The accountant thought for a minute and replied, "Twenty-two".
Outside he took his calculator and realized that he should have said twenty-one. He concluded that he had lost the job. A fortnight later, however, he was offered the post.
After a few weeks, he asked the chairman why he had been when he had given the wrong answer.
"You were the closest," the chairman replied.

Vocabulary Practice

Mark the best choice.
  1. An 'accountant' is a ......
    1. person who wants a job
    2. machine which adds, deletes, etc.
    3. person who keeps money records
    4. company manager
  2. 'Firm' here means ....
    1. strong person
    2. business company
    3. shop manager
    4. important decision
  3. A 'chairman' is a person who .....
    1. sells or buys chairs
    2. controls a meeting
    3. answers phone calls
    4. says the latest news
  4. A fortnight is ......
    1. one month
    2. one year
    3. twenty days
    4. two weeks
  5. 'Appoint' here means to ......
    1. interview someone
    2. choose a person for a job
    3. call a person to come
    4. let a person visit a place

Questions for Discussion

  1. What did the chairman mean by the last sentence?
  2. How true can such a story be?
  3. Why do you think should an accountant make such a mistake?


  1. Now you can ask your student to tell  the story in his/her own words.
  2. Pronounce the following words several times:
    1. Accountant
    2. Advertisement
    3. Interview
    4. Chairman
    5. Calculator
    6. Fortnight
    7. Appoint
    8. Close

A Related Proverb

A narrow mind has a broad tongue

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