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Lesson 1 - Killing Mothballs

Lesson 1 - Killing Mothballs

The Story

The old lady walked into a chemist's shop and bought a packet of mothballs. The next day she returned . and again bought a packet of mothballs. On the third day she did the same and when she appeared the fourth day and asked again for a packet of mothballs, the chemist could not restrain his curiosity.
'You must have a lot of moths, madam?' he queried.
'Yes, I have,' she nodded, 'and I don't know what I'm going to do. I've been throwing these balls at them for three days now and I haven't hit one yet!'

Vocabulary Practice

Mark the best choice.

1. A '___' is a small ball made of a strong-smelling substance, used for keeping moths away from stored clothes.
  • chemist
  • mothball
  • moth
  • curiosity
2. To 'restrain' means to ___.
  • add to
  • be impolite
  • hold back
  • speak
3. 'Curiosity' means ___.
  • wanting to know about things
  • showing things to other people
  • ability to say something
  • having much knowledge
4. To 'query' means to ___.
  • find out something
  • look after something
  • write something down
  • ask somebody a question
5. To 'nod' means to ___.
  • talk loudly
  • bend the head forward
  • show disagreement with
  • jump up

Questions for Discussion

1. What is funny about what the lady has been doing?
2. Why did the chemist become curious about the mothballs?


1. Now  tell your student to tell  the story in his/her own words.


A saying:

Think twice before you speak once.

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